• For adult use only.  

• Follow instructions, carefully. Read ALL warning labels on Effusion fragrance.  

• Discontinue use if any irritation occurs.  

• Keep out of the reach of children and animals at all times.  

• Light Effusion lamp ONLY on a flat stable surface. Glass, marble, and stoneware plates are recommended.

• DO NOT PLACE your lamp on wood or finished surfaces as Effusion fragrance contains alcohol and will ruin the finish.  

• Keep the lamp and fragrance away from any combustible materials.  

• NEVER leave the open flame unattended.  

• NEVER touch the Effusion burner stone after lighting.  

• Blow out the burner flame before placing the vented crown on the lamp.  

• Use caution when removing the vented crown (it will be HOT!). Place the crown on a heat resistant surface.  

• Use the La-Tee-Da! Lamp with La-Tee-Da! Effusion fragrances only. These fragrances were specifically formulated to burn properly with the La-Tee-Da! wick assembly.  


• Keep Effusions fuels out of the reach of children.  

• If swallowed, call medical assistance or poison control immediately. Poison Control phone # 800-222-1222.  

• Effusion fragrances contain 90% Isopropyl Alcohol, Water & Fragrance.  

• Effusion Fragrances are flammable – Store in cool dry place.  

• When lamp is not in use. Make sure that Closed Metal cap is placed over the wick and stone burner. This will make sure that your fragrance does not evaporate.  

• Do not use Effusion Fragrance in any other scented application. (I.e. Potpourri, candles, bath or skin applications.)  

• Do Not Drink.  

Step 1 - Open

• Always place your La-Tee-Da! Effusion Lamp on a flat, protected and stable surface. We suggest a plate, glass, marble or stoneware surface.  


• Put the Vented Crown and Solid Metal Cap beside your Effusion lamp to avoid misplacement.  

Step 2 - Fill

• Use La-Tee-Da! Effusion Fragrances ONLY. Our fragrances are formulated for use exclusively with La-Tee-Da! stone burners.  

• Use the funnel to pour the Effusion Fragrance into the Lamp. Fill the lamp ½ to 2/3 full.  

• DO NOT OVERFILL – (Your Effusion Lamp will not function properly)  

• Wipe lamp, carefully, to clean any fragrance spills.  

Step 3 - Insert Wick

• While holding the Effusion Lamp, insert the Wick Assembly (Burner). It should fit into the collar and be fully seated.  

• Replace the solid metal cap.  

• Wait 20 to 30 minutes before lighting. This will allow the Effusion fragrance to saturate the wick & burner. (The Effusion burner stone will appear darkened or wet when saturated.)  

Step 4 - Light

• Take off the solid metal cap.

• Light the Effusion burner using a match or lighter.

• Let flame burn for 2-3 minutes. (Flame will be 5-6” in height, then settle to 1-2”.) When the flame reduces the burner has reached the proper temperature. Take a short meditation moment. DO NOT leave the flame unattended.
• Blow out the flame. Your La-Tee-Da! Effusion Lamp is now working.
• Once the flame has been blown out, replace the vented crown over the burner. This will protect the burner from being touched.  
Step 5 - Use

• Leave the Effusion burner open (on) for as long as you require fragrance to be released. It typically takes 30 to 45 minutes to fragrance an average size home.  

• Do not allow the fragrance fuel to run completely out – this will damage the Effusion stone burner over time. The wick assembly will need to be replaced, every 6 - 12 months depending on usage.  

• You can purchase additional wick & stone burners through your local retailer or by calling our toll-free telephone number, 1-800-246-1826.  

• If you feel the fragrance is TOO strong… Mix La-Tee-Da! Effusion Fragrance “Dilute” to your Effusion fragrance. Adding this will not change the fragrance integrity but “tone it down.”  

Step 6 - Extinguish

• Remove Vented Crown. (Caution: Will be hot! You may want to use a glove or oven mitt.  

• Replace Solid Metal Cap to Extinguish the Burner. (It will remain hot for about 10 minutes.)  

• Do Not Refill Effusion Fragrance Until Stone Burner is completely cool.  

• If not using your Effusion Lamp for an extended time frame (3-4 weeks or more) – (Please) remove the Effusion Wick Assembly and any remaining fragrance. Allow all parts to dry completely before storage.  

Step 7 - Change Fragrance or Just Adding...

• Place the Vented Crown and Solid Metal Cap beside your Effusion lamp.  

• Remove the Effusion Wick Assembly (& Burner) – Place on protected surface. Use a paper towel to remove excess fragrance.  

• Use Funnel to pour your La-Tee-Da! Effusion Fragrances back into the original Bottle. (If you’re planning a fragrance change.)  

• Using the funnel supplied, pour in your New or Favorite Effusion Fragrance until the lamp is ½ to 2/3 full.  

• DO NOT OVERFILL – (Your Effusion Lamp will not function properly)  

• Wipe lamp, carefully, to clean any fragrance spills.  

• You will need to soak your wick again for 20 - 30 minutes, if you have let the wick and burner dry out.