Effusion Lamps & Fragrances

Effusion lamps are a great way to enjoy home fragrance. They are strong, smell wonderful, and hold the integrity of their fragrance through out their use.
History of Effusion Lamps and Fragrance

Effusion fragrance and lamps sometimes called catalytic lamps began around 1898.  A French pharmacist patented the design. It was used in hospitals during that time to help purify the air.  Around the 1920's top designers were sought out to create beautiful lamps that were suitable for use in the private homes of the wealthy.

La-Tee-Da! Effusion Lamps
La-Tee-Da's mission was to make effusion lamps affordable to everyone without compromising the quality.  A seasoned team of home fragrance specialist was formed to use their knowledge from candles and other fragrance products to disrupt the category. Converting effusion fragrances that moved from the traditional to a wider range created a new and larger customer base because everyone could now afford it.  We often say we are in the effusion fragrance business, not the effusion lamp business.  This is how we price our beautiful lamps for all to enjoy. It is like a bonus savings to you because we are confident you will be back to buy more of our effusion fragrance.

Customers responded because they were more comfortable with the wide variety of fragrances La-Tee-Da! created.  Even today, we work with some of the top fragrance experts that spend up to 6 months to develop a single fragrance.  The bottom line is the fragrances have an incredible aroma, which is why we have such a loyal customer following.  There is something for everyone.  And , once you find your favorite fragrance, you will keep coming back again and again. The effusion lamp and fragrance remains one of best fragrance delivery systems on the market.  Once a customer experiences and understands this product, they will continue to use it.

Lamp Fragrance and more ...

The effusion fragrance has countless testimonies for how it helps fight against unwanted odors.  Smoke odor, pet odor, cooking and food odors, and other types found within your home will get a whole lot better once you use your effusion lamp and fragrance.  The tobacco smell is the most challenging odor to impact and overcome. That is why the wives of tobacco lovers are our most avid customers and love our products.

Follow your instructions carefully when using your effusion lamp.  The wick acts like a straw absorbing the fragrance and carrying it up to the stone.  The fragrance formula will fuel the stone when heated releasing the wonderful fragrance into the atmosphere.  At the same time, air is drawn into the stone, neutralizing and reducing malodor molecules. You will smell the results very quickly.  The fragrance will continue to burn at about an ounce an hour, or until you recap your effusion lamp.  The typical use of an effusion lamp is about 3 hours.  The fragrance is unique, refreshing, and will linger after you cap your stone.

Effusion fragrances are a great way to enjoy home fragrance.  They are strong, smell wonderful, and hold the integrity of their fragrance through out their use.  The effusion fragrance will help rid your home of al kinds of unpleasant odors, and replace them with incredible refreshing fragrances. La-Tee-Da! cares about you and the environment. They are safe to use, but always be sure to follow the directions carefully.  We approach each of our effusion fragrance creations with passion.  We hope you enjoy using this product as much as we enjoy making it for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Effusion Lamp and Fragrance

How do the fragrance lamps work?

The La-Tee-Da! fragrance lamps use a catalytic conversion technology – a low temperature, flameless wick to draw the fragrance up into the platinum stone, which releases the fragrance into the air. Please see the included instructions for more detailed information.

How much area can an effusion lamp cover?

The La-Tee-Da! Fragrance Lamps can scent a 3,000 square foot home in less than an hour. At that point the lamp can be capped off and the fragrance will remain for several hours. These lamps are not designed to be “on” all the time.

Why choose an effusion lamp rather than candles?

Effusion lamps use a non-active flame. They burn at a quarter of the temperature that normal candles burn at so can be left alone, or “on” when you go out, unlike candles. Effusion lamps also assist in replacing bad scents in the house with pure fragrance.

Can the lamps be used when children and pets are in the home?

Yes, provided you follow the recommendations for use and take care that the lamp is out of their reach and not placed where there is a risk it can be knocked over. If your child or pet has allergies please monitor them for reactions. The base of the fragrance is alcohol but the fragrance added varies and has different components for each.

How long will my fragrance lamp last?

The lamps themselves never need replacing, unless you’d like to get a new design. The wicks last anywhere from 6-8 months and can usually be replaced where you initially purchased your lamp, or anywhere La-Tee-Da! Effusion products are sold. The fragrance burns at approximately 1 ounce per hour, so a 16 oz. bottle of fragrance will last around 16 hours.

In which room can the lamps be used in?

Anywhere: living room, lounge, bathroom, kitchen, office, bedroom, entry way, you name it. Choose the fragrance according to where you place it.